Simon helps childless people

More than 1000 Danish men donate sperm to help those who can’t have children on their own. We have spoken with one of them. His name is Simon, he is in his mid-twenties and a sperm donor at European Sperm Bank in Guldsmedgade in Aarhus. His main reason for donating is helping others. And then it’s a nice feeling that a part of him is passed on, should he not get children of his own.

Why did you become a sperm donor? 

“There are three important reasons, to why I became a sperm donor: My cousin had a hard time getting pregnant, and it has been horrible to see her experience that. Therefore, if I can help someone in the same situation, I want to do so. The next reason may be a bit selfish, but if for some reason I shouldn’t get children of my own, it gives me serenity to know that my genes are passed on. The final reason is the money you are paid for being a sperm donor. As a student, it was nice to have a bit extra to spend. And then it’s an easy and flexible job.”

What does your family and work think? 

“I am an officer in the army and I haven’t told anyone about it. However, before I became a donor I told my family that I was considering it. They were mostly worried if I had considered the consequences, but they understood my choice when I explained why I wanted to help childless people. And the consequences – that there will be children with my genes – I can live with.”

What are the consequences?

“I am an open donor. This means that the children, that are brought to the world with my help, can contact me when they turn 18. It is difficult to imagine what is going to happen in 18-20 years, but I would like to meet them and maybe answer their questions.
I hope that the children will get a good life. Their parents really wanted them and have gone through a lot to bring them to the world.
I am a very empathic person so I may feel like I have a responsibility, even though I know that I am in no way responsible to the child or the parents. Other men choose to be anonymous, but I am simply too curious.”

What does your girlfriend think about you being a sperm donor?

“I have had a girlfriend for two years and I told her very early on. She wasn’t excited about it when she was told. But today she is actually rather proud of it. We have often talked about how people say that they want to help others, but I actually help by being a sperm donor. It is also my girlfriend’s belief that she doesn’t lose anything because I’m a sperm donor.”

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