When illness gets in the way

Lise is a customer at European Sperm Bank. Her decision to use a sperm donor was made when her husband became ill with cancer. The decision and process weren’t easy, but it led to the couple’s second wish child. The following are her words.

A disaster strikes

As man and wife, we found it natural to have children together. Our first daughter was born in 2010 and soon after we began trying for our second baby.

This was immediately put on hold, as my husband was diagnosed with both testicular cancer and pelvic cancer. It felt as if the sky had fallen on us.

My husband began treatment – the doctors removed one of his testicles and he began chemotherapy. Our doctors were very optimistic and there was no doubt that my husband was going to survive and that we would have no problem making a baby with his remaining healthy testicle.

We tried for a long time to make a baby, but nothing happened. We returned to the doctors who referred us to a fertility clinic where they ran a number of tests on my husband.

No living sperm cells

The results were clear and devastating: there were no living sperm cells. Not even one sperm cell was to be found. I can’t begin to explain how devastated we were. We were declared infertile and sterile and the pain of knowing that we couldn’t have more children was unbearable. As the months passed, the pain only got worse.

Later, I decided to contact European Sperm bank – just to talk about our öptions and to get some information about using a sperm donor. I have to admit that the thought of using another man’s sperm seemed wrong. My conversation with the sperm bank changed that.

I began feeling that we actually had opportunities and I introduced the idea of using a sperm donor to my husband. Let’s just say that he wasn’t too happy about the idea.

After some time, I told my husband, “I  am going to do this – I am going to use a donor.” I chose to use a sperm donor who looked most like my husband, but after several inseminations, there was no news.


Succes with a new sperm donor

In the meantime, European Sperm Bank found me a new sperm donor who looked even more like my husband. I, therefore, decided to change sperm donor.

FINALLY, I was pregnant!

It was a tough pregnancy. My husband was sceptical, maybe even detached from the pregnancy. I had to stay strong and convinced that when the baby arrived he would fall in love with her.

And he did! Our second child, our lovely baby girl, was born in November 2015. We love her so much! There is no doubt that we would repeat the process.


– Today the couple is awaiting their third child with a donor through European Sperm Bank.

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