Back in 2011, I became increasingly curious about becoming a sperm donor. I was in my early 20s, a student at The University of Aarhus. There were many stories in the media about men’s low quality of sperm.

I have always known that I would one day become a father, and all the stories in the media made me think about my sperm quality.

What would I do if I couldn’t have children?
If that happened, adoption could be a solution. But I would without a doubt prefer my children to look a bit like me. With the help of a sperm donor, I may not be biologically linked to my children, but they would have some of the same features as me.

Sperm donation might seem easy, but I can promise you that I have thought about pros and cons a million times. I have been through a lengthy examination at the doctor, to interviews, screening, tests and numerous blood tests.

Another important consideration when I became a sperm donor was how much I believe that environment is much more important than genes. People with a fundamental desire to become parents should have that opportunity – I think and believe that people who use donor sperm want a child more than anything, a child who is going to grow up with an indescribable amount of love.

Being a sperm donor, I can make someone’s dream come true: The dream of having a child.

I don’t want to be considered a hero, and I don’t think of myself as one. But it really means a lot to me that I have helped change someone’s life.

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